Introducing Ghaem Sanat Composite Knowledge-Based Company

Ghaem Composite Company with the aim of expanding the composite or composite industry in the country and due to the widespread need for this modern technology in various fields of industry, automotive, construction, marine, etc. due to light efficiency, major ease of manufacturing processes, affordable Cost-effectiveness and many other benefits were established in 2007 by a number of industry experts.

Statement of Objectives

Employees, supervisors, managers consider the following as the headline of their activities, decisions, goals and plans, and the company’s senior management is committed to its effective implementation. Customer satisfaction in all aspects including product quality, competitive price, delivery time and respectful service, equal opportunity for all employees to flourish talents and promote creativity and innovation, followed by improving their livelihood, capital management And improving productivity in order to permanently increase dividends and stakeholder satisfaction, observe environmental issues, occupational safety and health and legal requirements, support valuable social and national projects in the field of activity

History, growth and development

بهمن 1386


گردهمایی متخصصین علوم پلیمر، شیمی، مکانیک و مدیریت جهت ایجاد محیطی پویا و خلاق

خرداد 1393

اخذ استانداردها

ایجاد شاخه پیمانکاری به همراه اخذ استانداردهای ISO9001   و ISO14001  و مدیریت HSE

خرداد 1395

تاسیس کارخانه جدید و اخذ پروانه بهره برداری

با وسعت 7000 مترمربع با 4 سالن تولید مجزا و آزمایشگاه

فروردین 1398

ثبت به عنوان دانش بنیان

اخذ بیش از5 محصول دانش بنیان صنعتی و ایجاد هسته تحقیق و توسعه

شهریور 1400

حجم پروژه های سال 1400

5 کیلومتر پوشش FRP خط لوله

تعداد نیروی انسانی شرکت 130 نفر